Our Happy Clients Say...

When I learned that Heather was starting her own foot care business, I scheduled an appointment for my mom who has problems with her legs and feet. Heather went to her home and provided services on site. Mom tells me her feet never felt so good!!!


Amazing. That is the word that came to mind after I had my first appointment with Heather. My feet had bothered me for years and it was something I thought I simply had to deal with. That is not true. When Heather finished and I stood up for the first time, I literally cried. My feet have NEVER felt so amazing!!

Think about it, your feet are your foundation. The rest of your body relies on your feet.

When they hurt, it can affect everything from motivation and energy to pain in other parts of your body.

In addition, Heather is warm, wonderful and compassionate. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to make an appointment and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed! I will be a lifelong customer for sure!!

Sue B.